comic strips & GIFs

September 2019 - in progress


I started drawing comic strips and making GIFs for EPIC, a web zine writing about events and other cultural stuff happening in Geneva. Here are the three first ones.


Read the articles about l'Usine, les Créatives and Comfy'nment # 6.




3) The confinement wakes up in me my animal instinct. Today I feel like a fly.


2) Les Créatives

Sorry for the non-French speakers, but this quality joke just doesn't work in English ;)


1) 30 year anniversary of l'Usine : 30 years - 30 hours

- So it's your birthday party this week-end?! Are you looking forward?

- Pfff... 30 hours partying... I'm too old for this shit...

- Oooh stop complaining! You're so Genevan! 30 years old is not old!

- KIDDIIIING!!! Sooo dooown!