1-page comic, India ink pen, A4

September 2016


I made this 1-page comic for the A3 sized fanzine "D'Amour et d'Eau Fraîche" ("From Love and Fresh Water") of my ex-school HEAD-Genève. This publication is about drones, gangs and the city. I've been asked to draw a 1-page comic about the drones.



- Ahhh... Feels good to be here, right? / - Hmm.

- Cicadas, sun, this place is tight, right? / - ...

- Different from Paris 93, right? / - Yeah, yeah.

(cicadas onomatopoeia)

- Hey, do you see that? There's a bird flying in circle. / - ...

- Dude, look! / - Pff... Dude, I'm reading right now.

- It doesn't move its wings, it glides, it's tight. / - ...

(cicadas onomatopoeia)

- You sure it's not a plane? / - No, duh, it's flying in circle, told ya.

- Hm. Did you put your lenses on today? / - No, duh, it's holidays!

- Maybe it's a raptor chasing. / - Oh hell yeah!

- Damn, tight.

- Oh well it's pooping on u...